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IACRA - Help and Information

New User Guide

IACRA is an FAA web site that allows people to apply for new Airman Certificates, or to upgrade their existing certificates. The entire application process takes place on the website, including electronic signing of applications, and at the end of the process all the necessary documents will be sent electronically to the Airman Registry.
The following steps will walk you through registering as an Applicant.

Registering as an Applicant in IACRA
  • Click the 'Register' link near the top right of IACRA home page.
  • There are many different roles in IACRA, but you must use the Applicant role to apply for a new certificate, or to modify an existing certificate.
  • Check the 'Applicant' box, then agree to the Terms of Service (TOS) and continue.
  • On the IACRA User Profile Information page, please enter all the information.
    • If you don't have an existing certificate, leave that section blank.
    • Use your full legal name, including any suffix.
      IMPORTANT NOTE : This name must match the name on your Knowledge Test (if test was required).
    • Please enter a valid email address. IACRA will use it for important notifications.
    • Create a user name and strong password. Please remember your password.
    • Click Register.
    • If there is any required information missing, there will be error messages.
  • IACRA will display your FTN (FAA Tracking Number). Please write this number down; it will also be emailed to you. This number is your unique identifier, and for most application types you must provide it to your Instructor and/or Certifying Officer to complete an application.
  • If you start an Airman application, additional personal information will be required (residential address, height, weight, etc.)

Common New User Applications
Generally, a new user's first experience with IACRA will be to apply for a Student Pilot or Remote Pilot certificate. There is only one type of application for Student Pilot, but there are two types for Remote Pilot, and each of those Remote Pilot types has its own user guide. Users holding an FAA issued pilot's certificate that also have a current flight review may take the online Remote Pilot Training Course and use that as the basis for their application. All others users must instead complete the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test at a regional Testing Center. Follow the appropriate link below for those user guides.

For the complete user guide click here.