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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I obtain assistance with IACRA?
Q. What does IACRA do?
Q. How do I correct an application through IACRA?
Q. What do I do if I believe my personal information has been improperly obtained, used, or disclosed?
Q. I am using Chrome and my documents are downloading instead of automatically opening. How can I change this?
Q. When I print an application I see an X instead of each page of the application. How can I print the application?
Q. I have an idea to make IACRA even better. How should I notify the IACRA development team?
Q. I've heard that IACRA uses digital signature. What is a digital signature?
Q. What Certifications/Ratings does IACRA currently issue?
Q. What are the recommended system requirements for using IACRA?
Q. Why can't I use the BACK and FORWARD buttons in my browser to move through the program?
Q. What is the FTN?
Q. Can I access IACRA using Internet Explorer 11?
Q. Can the FAA Form 8710-1 be printed using IACRA?
Q. Does the Close Browser Button Save My Information?
Registration / Login / PasswordTop of Page
Q. What information will I need in order to register as an applicant and complete an IACRA application?
Q. What do I do if I need to reset my password?
Q. Can my medical certificate be used as my certificate number in IACRA?
Q. What are IACRA's password requirements?
Q. I'm trying to register in IACRA, but IACRA cannot find my record. Why?
Q. The data on my medical certificate does not match what is in the FAA Airman Registry database, what should I do?
Q. I am trying to register in IACRA but it says I am already registered. I previously registered as a (enter role here....RI, DE, SA). Why can't I register for a new role?
Q. What do I do if I have more than one last name?
ApplicationTop of Page
Q. I am applying for a Remote Pilot application and hold a pilot certificate (other than a student), how do I know if I have met the flight review requirements?
Q. What am I required to send to the Airman Registry after I complete the application?
Q. The IACRA Aeronautical Experience grid is requiring flight hours that the applicant didn't accumulate in the current aircraft. Why?
Q. Will I receive a confirmation that the completed 8710-1 form and all related documents have been sent to the Registry?
InstructorsTop of Page
Q. How can I fix a Knowledge Test 'Name Mismatch' error?
Q. Why is the Recommending Instructor certificate number and Expiration Date missing from the Instructor's Recommendation section of the 8710-1 for Second in Command certificates?
Q. I’m registered in IACRA as a Recommending Instructor (RI). My CFI certificate has expired, but I recently renewed my CFI certificate. Will I still be able to use IACRA?
Q. I'm a Recommending Instructor. IACRA is asking for the applicant's Knowledge Test ID. Where do I find it?
Q. I currently hold a CFII rating and am applying for an initial CFI rating. How do I do that in IACRA?
Certifying OfficersTop of Page
Q. Does the Certifying Officer need to physically sign the IACRA Temporary Certificate? The Temporary Certificate already shows e-signed by the Certifying Officer.
Q. When I view the CO Summary for the Temp Certificate it displays a limitation stating the user does not have enough PIC time in the aircraft & has a SIC limitation added. What do I do?
Q. I'm a Designated Examiner. I noticed a mistake when reviewing the IACRA application. Can I reset the application so that the mistake can be corrected?
Q. Is a PTRS automatically generated when an application is processed through IACRA? Do the DE's have to print something to send to the FSDO's?
Q. Should the superseded certificates be mailed to the Airman Registry when using IACRA?
Q. Should the Airman Knowledge Test Results be mailed to the Airman Registry when using IACRA?
Q. Why does the applicant have to wait to sign his application until he sees the Certifying Officer? Why can't he just sign his application immediately after he completes it?
Q. Can limitations be added to or deleted from the IACRA Temporary Airman Certificate?
Schools (141&142)Top of Page
Q. 141/142 School Information. How do I add multiple student records for CFR 141 schools without exiting the Student Affiliation screen?
Q. 141/142 School Information. Can both Students and School Administrators Start an Application?
Q. 141/142 School Information. What is a Designation Code and how do I locate it?
Q. 141/142 School Information. How do I determine which curriculums have type ratings associated with them?
Q. I’m registered as a TCE in IACRA. Do I also need to register as a School Administrator and Recommending Instructor to perform these tasks for a 142 school?