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IACRA - Help and Information

Registering as an Applicant in IACRA

  • Click the 'Register' link near the top right of IACRA home page.
  • You must use the Applicant role to apply for an Inspection Authorization Renewal.
  • Check the 'Applicant' box, then agree to the Terms of Service (TOS) and continue.
  • On the IACRA User Profile Information page, please enter all the information.
  • You must enter your mechanic certificate information.
    • Use your full legal name, including any suffix.
      Please enter a valid email address. IACRA will use it for important notifications.
    • Create a user name and strong password. Please remember your password.
    • Click Register.
    • If there is any required information missing, there will be error messages.
  • IACRA will display your FTN (FAA Tracking Number). Please write this number down; it will also be emailed to you. This number is your unique identifier.

Submitting an Inspection Authorization Renewal Application

  • Once you are registered, you can return to your console and start an Inspection Authorization Renewal application.
    • Note: If IACRA cannot locate a previous inspection authorization in your Airman record, you will not be able to start an application.
  • Once you submit and sign your application, it will automatically be routed to the FSDO listed in your application.
  • An ASI or AST at that FSDO will then retrieve your submitted application, complete the remainder of the process and sign your application.
  • Once signed, you may log into IACRA, navigate to your console and review/print your IA letter. You will also be notified via email when your IA letter is available.
  • For a step by step guide to the Inspection Authorization renewal process, please see the following User Guide provided by AFS-300: Inspection Authorization User Guide